About Guildford URC

Guildford United Reformed Church is an open and inclusive Christian community…

...where we extend a warm and unconditional welcome

The welcome we try to offer comes without conditions or expectations.  Our welcome is an “unconditional welcome,” we are simply glad you are looking to share with us in our community in whatever way works for you right now.

...where we expect to be challenged in encountering God and each other

We are open to and expect to have our ideas challenged and to meet God in one another who we think comes to us in surprising ways.

...where we nurture a non-judgmental, progressive environment for exploring faith

We try not to judge – though we know we don’t always get it right.  We are open to new ideas and want our community to open to people of other faiths and none, so we can learn together.

...where by the power of love we resist all that divides

We are a diverse community and we do things together that promote love, harmony and being together as one people.

...where we share generously the goodness we have received

Still reading? Then you are welcome to explore these with us!

I’m new – where do I go?

Inclusive church

Inclusive Church is an educational charity founded in 2003. They work with churches of different denominations encouraging them to explore ways in which they may become more inclusive.

We believe in inclusive church – a church which celebrates and affirms every person and does not discriminate.

Guildford URC is proud to be part of the Inclusive Church Network.